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Kanji Gold 2.10

Learn how to read Kanji, the Japanese characters, with this free program
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Denton Hewgill

Kanji is a set of Chinese ideograms used in the Japanese language. Learning how to read and write them can be very difficult for Western people since their meaning depends on the context in which they are used. This little free program lets you learn the meaning of many Kanji ideograms in an entertaining way. It has several functions. One of them shows you a Kanji and asks you to choose its meaning from five options. You can set the program to show or hide composite words containing that particular Kanji, thus increasing or decreasing the difficulty degree of the test. In the Reverse function, you need to choose the Kanji that corresponds to the definition shown. Also, you can study several composite words by using the Vocabulary dictionary, which shows a word written in Kanji and requires you to choose its meaning among five possible answers. This option allows you to see other words containing each Kanji by placing the cursor over these. The program has nine difficulty levels, so the learning is very vast.

The link provided in this review is only for downloading the program and related files. You need to download two other files to have the complete program. All of the files are in .zip format and thus are very light. You can find the other links for downloading the remaining files at the developer's site.

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